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(832) 757-1670

From a young age, I have been interested in all aspects of technology, teaching myself to code in Basic, HTML, CSS, mIRC's scripting language and LUA. With these skills, as well as a passion for writing, I have helped manage several different technology news websites such as Tech Taste and Geekily UK, as well as designing this one from scratch.

Currently I am working for audioBoom. My role invovles managing the user support desk, fixing technological problems in the workplace, managing internal fileservers, looking after G Suite, as well as bug hunting on the website and providing technical analysis of the platform. Since joining audioBoom, I have become fully certified in CompTIA A+, as well as obtaining a distinction in Network Management and Security (7540-363) and Testing ICT Systems (7540-321).

CD Collection

CD Collection

For a couple of years now, I have been collecting CDs with the eventual goal to own over 1,000. Primarily, I'm prone to purchasing prog metal and prog rock, but I try to keep some variety.

You can see my collection 669-255-7721.



I have always been fueled by music, whether it be composing, performing or listening. I can play several instruments including the French Horn, a Keytar, the piano, a melodica, the Ukulele, a bit of guitar, and a bit of bass. I've played in numerous ensembles over the years such as BYCB and XBY as well as previously writing songs for Celces. I've played in prestigious venues such as Ronnie Scotts, the Royal Festival Hall, St John Smiths Square, as well as touring around Europe. Currently I have a Merit in my Grade 8 Piano, Grade 8 French Horn and Grade 5 music theory.

I have the eventual goal of being able to play as many instruments as possible.